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Hollow Core Doors and MDF Trim

One of the more interesting manufactured products are hollow core door blanks. They are basically a wood frame, with a honeycomb of cardboard, sandwiched between two sheets of masonite, a hardboard, to create a lightweight, dimensionally stable slab, that for the most part are used as doors.

For the folks concerned about the planet, these are one of the more green materials you can build with. The frames are made out of materials that may contain defects making them unsuitable for trim, lumber or paneling. The cardboard is also a product made from leftovers of the lumber mill, and the hardboard panels are the grandfather of recycling in terms of using scrap materials. MDF, medium density fiberboard, trim is another product that gets a shoutout, as the dust from the sawmill gets recycled into a useful product as well.

They make great shelving, and dividers. They come in a number of useful sizes. I recently completed a walk in closet using 24″ HCD’s as the framework for the closet.
I used the doors as the partitions for the closet, as well as using them as the roof for the closets. Vertically they work well as dollar for dollar, they are the cheapest partition material around. Building vertical partitions out of plywood, for example is more expensive and comes with its own set of challenges, beyond cutting, smoothing and priming. Horizontally, they make stronger shelving, that supports more weight per foot than any other sheet good like particle board or plywood without additional materials, and intermediate supports.
Butting the doors together was a simple operation by doweling the ends and tapping them together. The doors are glued with Loctite Powergrab, and screwed together.

The MDF cleats for the closet rods are glued and screwed on the ends. The MDF trim is glued and screwed to the doors as well.
It is important that you pre drill the MDF for your screws, with any of the available pilot bit countersink bits. A little filler and you are ready to paint as everything is already primed.
For more details, I have another blog with them .

Quote of the day.

“The key thing is that Facebook has an audience,” says Forrester analyst Charlene Li. “Wherever audiences go and people spend time, that becomes an advertising medium.”
Source: Wired Facebook Got Its $15 Billion Valuation — Now What?

And that boys and girls, is the true meaning of WEB 2.0(what’s your monetization(click-thru advertiser) strategy).

Sharecropping and Social Gillnetting.

Facebook gets Borged, and do not screw with hippies with money.

Facebook gets BorgedLast week’s darling sharecropper social network, Facebook has taken 30 pieces of silver from none other than Microsoft. The technoweenies are all aflutter, atwitter and posting their little fingers off by using the calculator that comes with their various operating systems and figuring that MS’s 240 million ostensibly for ‘staffing’, and being called a marketing coop for Ballmer the Borg, means that Facebook is worth 15 billion bucks.

Wish in one hand, shit in the other. Bring toilet paper.

The value of every one of these walled garden spots plummets in a direct proportion to the increase in membership. For those of you that have drunk the Kool Aid and want to argue, save your breath, I have been on the web longer than you have had pubic hair.

Now in the WEB(what’s your monetization(click-thru advertiser) strategy)2.0 world, Microsoft is going to be the exclusive ad server for Facebook. Good business move in the short term (help pay all those fines in the EU, and pump more marketing dollars into the Flatline OS Vista) as they really are the gang who couldn’t shoot straight on their own properties, but the darkside is that they will be tracking every move and click across their new partners network. And yes they will sell your ass down the river.

Enough about fools with no sense of history since last week.

do not screw with hippies with money
Sun Microsystems’ Jonathan Schwartz (the Big Cheese), has decided to turn loose the lawyers and bitchslap Network Appliance, who is suing them to stop them promoting Sun’s file system ”ZFS – which enables expensive, proprietary storage to be replaced with commodity disks and general purpose servers.” Dumb move on the part of Network Appliance since Sun released it as Open Source, but litigation seems to be the new business contact sport.
This is the money shot:

So later this week, we’re going to use our defensive portfolio to respond to Network Appliance, filing a comprehensive reciprocal suit. As a part of this suit, we are requesting a permanent injunction to remove all of their filer products from the marketplace, and are examining the original NFS license – on which Network Appliance was started. By opting to litigate vs. innovate, they are disrupting their customers and employees across the world.

The rest of the posting is priceless.

Dumbest Seminar Headline EVER!

b5 media’s contribution to the continuing conversation

“How to Use Digg to Assplode Your Blog”

from the Urban Dictionary comes this:

“To unexpectedly, and violently poop ones pants

john gazed across the table at melinda, his hands trembling with excitement. this is it he thought to himself. The moment was just as he had always imagined. He stood from his chair and knelt before her. Just then a terrible stink erupted from his trousers. Sadly, he had assploded.”

Yeah Like that’s gonna work…..

notes n stuff

catching up on things. Frank has published his list of rides I thought I had some bad rides….

HD TV is better. My 42”Visio is outstanding. Hell even the commercials look good, Still stupid in almost all cases,as Jeneane points out, (my personal monster dumb is the new Jeep commercial with the guy driving and singing, and getting invaded by woodland critters to provide a chorus).

My son got married last saturday.
It was a great ceremony, and I got to see a lot of folks I don’t see regularly. My friend Ed and his wife Denise took pictures for the kids. He has a Fuji S3.

I have been up to remodeling for others, and lining up folks for work on the casa lemurzone. This time next week I will have a new block fence, 2 rolling gates and 70′ of new driveway. Shortly thereafter I will replace my electric panel, and finish off my new media room. It was going to be an office, but I have a 42” tv, and 500 DVD’s which look pretty good on the big screen.
Hope to post some notes on the movies I have gotten over the last few weeks. Speaking of which, in addition to the annoying FBI copyright nonsense, studios are now including a 5 second blurb stating “This DVD is for Sale Only” The entertainment industry oughta look up the meaning of the word entertainment.

Microsoft seeks mind-reading patent

According to Nick Carr Microsoft is seeking a mind-reading patent. I guess the focus groups in Redmond just couldn’t get wireless anal probes in the Vista Box. Probably something to do with the already tender areas of Windows users.

Seth Godin No middlemen, no insulation

In the world of marketing, advertising, and public relations, you work for somebody else. That is what those folks do. Traditionally their job is to take a product, shine it up, and cram it into your brain. Marketers could care less about product, as their job is to sell illusions, starting with the management and ending with the accounting department who cuts their checks. Success is measured in units, bought by consumers.

The Internet has changed the rules of the game, giving the people formerly known as consumers, a voice that can be heard around the world. Folks are gonna buy stuff, but their choices are larger, and are more inclined to shop with companies who care what customers want, rather than being a ‘unit’ ‘consumer’. It really sucks to be in the marketing game nowadays. When the best you can do is the number of cup holders your product has as its unique selling proposition, you may want to seek other career opportunities. When some company signs off on this nonsense, you should look for a different product.

Seth Godin is a marketer and author who works for himself. He has a different view on marketing. This morning he posted this:

”Perhaps the biggest change the new marketing brings is the easiest to overlook, mostly because it’s so obvious.”

”Every organization now has the ability (and probably the responsibility) to deal directly with the world. With customers, with prospects and with those impacted by their actions. No middlemen.”
Read the rest of it.

Companies who heed this advice will prosper. Companies who continue down the middleman path and outsource their marketing and products will end up in the ‘product sucks’ listings on search engines and may very well end up on the latest product recall lists.

If you embrace your customers, they will sell your products, and will let you know when there is a problem. They will be happier and you will be a stronger company for it. But if you want to continue down the middleman path, know this, there is a company that sells what you sell, that does care and will get our money.

Accessibility and Idiocy

Robert Scoble is wondering if the current Accessibility case against Target will require videobloggers to provide transcripts. His concerns are specifically YouTube and his ownself kyte.tv.

The short version is No. The reason is that both YouTube and kyte are not offering goods and services for sale to the public. You take your chances with free.
Target. com is selling goods and services to the public and is the latest court case to try and get folks to understand that Accessibility matters. That it is happening in California is a mixed blessing, as their laws are a cut and paste version of the US Section 508 Accessibility Standards.
Businesses are crying undue burden as their get out of customer card.
I wrote about this back in 2001

A little over a year ago I wrote an article here on the upcoming U.S. Accessibility Regulations for the web. Specifically on Section 508 of the WORKFORCE INVESTMENT ACT OF 1998, which required all United States Federal Agencies with websites to make those sites accessible to individuals with disabilities, within 24 months of enacting of this law.

Robert’s concerns are a bit of an oxymoron as most YouTube videos have a sound track which does go toward satisfying alternate delivery.

Accessibility has a varied and checkered past on the web. In the US, it is a requirement, which until now with the notable exception of the National Federation for the Blind’s sort of Victory over AOL, has not until this point been tested in court.
Target may just be the case that finally wakes up companies that want to do business with folks across the web, Flash designers are going to get their asses handed to them, and the folks who neglect using the  ALT  tag will find themselves in a real uncomfortable position of having redo websites to comply.

Facebook, the new CB Radio

The more things change, the more they stay the same. In the late 70’s there was discovery by a whole lot of folks, of a mobile communication medium that could put you in touch with folks all over. Citizens Band Radio. Primarily used by truckers for passing information along, like road conditions, presence of the smokies, (Cops and Highway Patrol), accident reporting, and bits of wit and chit chat.

With the release of the movie Convoy, and a song to go with it, suddenly folks discovered that for a few hundred bucks they could join the party. And they did, without any thought or common sense. Suddenly everybody was driving and saying “Hey Good Buddy, got your ears on?” Being a Good Buddy was the standard greeting on air. It took almost no time for the signal to noise ratio to take a nosedive as every damn fool, with a few bucks got themselves a CB Radio and got on the air.

It didn’t take long before the truth came out. Having a CB Radio would drop your IQ 50 points and make everyone within the sound of your voice your new best friend.

Facebook is the internet’s CB Radio. Instead of an antenna sprouting out of your ass, you have a mouse welded to your hand, and millions of  folks  who are standing by to be your good buddy.   Just like CB Radio, the signal to noise ratio is an inverse relationship with thousands of things posted by folks who last week discovered online, and can get thousands of friends with the click of a mouse.

If you think your thousands of new friends really are, try this: get them to send you a buck. One dollar. I thought so…..

Popularity always kills these things. It just happens faster on the web. When was the last time you saw a CB Radio?

Yet another reason Golf is a dumb game