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All My Rides

Doc started it, Jeanne joined and now it’s my turn.

Oldest and first car was a 1950 Chevy Coupe. Strictly speaking it wasn’t my car until after I drowned it in the Whiteface River(Unfortunate Ice Racing Bet in March in Minnesota) and had to pay 50 bucks for it. I was well below the legal age and cut 25 full cords of pulpwood at 2 bucks a cord to pay for it.

My next car was a 1960 Comet Wagon 100 bucks, called Buzz ’cause of the sound it made. Sold it to a guy as I was leaving for Chicago. Three months later I was busted and spent the weekend in the slammer until I found the guy I sold it to and he made good on the 50 parking tickets and transferred the title.

The Goat. 1969 GTO. 600 bucks. I spent a ton of money on this car. 326 punched .060 over, full race cam, high rise manifold with 2 500 CFM Holly Center pumper carbs, ported and polished heads, headers and straight pipes. 4spd tranny, hurst shifter, 12 bolt rear end, and suspension package from a 71 chevelle wagon. Bigger sway bar in front and wagon lower links and sway bar in rear. Drove like a slot car once I got good tires on it. Took out the back seat and installed a 50 gal fuel cell, as it wouldn’t idle under 2500, got maybe three miles to a gallon, but would smoke the tires for 1/2 a block. Never got it to the track for a time trial.

First time out with my cousin and 5 cases of Oly 7 oz. pony cans, making a speed run from Duluth to Mpls, (you can get from lake and superior in Duluth to 5th and cedar in mpls is 158 miles it can be done in 69 minutes. I won’t talk about that car. It was much faster than the Goat) They took me to the slam and let my cousin drive it home. Three hours later, he put number 7 rod though the block and trashed the trans. Cost 1400 bucks in fines to get my License.

1970 Volvo 122S wagon.200 bucks. Green, Ugly, Rusted, no heater. I loved that car. I bought three more for parts. Learned the secrets of ping pong ball carb synchronizers and cracking exhaust manifolds. It was so tired that you could push start it from the drivers seat, and if you went slow, would drive through snow drifts that made 4×4’s tremble. I loved that car.

1972 VW Bus, traded the volvo’s for it. Had a one year only 1700 cc engine that I rebuilt, putting a holly two barrel and intake assembly on it and tipped the rear oil seal when I bolted the cases together. Packed it full of remodeling tools and moved to Phoenix in it. I would stop and fill the oil and check the gas. Sold it about a month after I got here. Worked construction by city bus for 6 months.

1967 Vista Cruiser. Cutlass wagon with greyhound bus windows on the roof. Did a lot of mechanical work on this as I was working in wrecking yards. Trans, engines, Lifter saddles, and learned about the spring tension on the rear window motor when i attempted to replace one. Bled all over the inside.

1960 ford F100 pickup swapped the vista cruiser for it. the Fordalac. all ford with a Cadillac bench seat. couldn’t drive it over 50 cause the piston slap and the lifter noise would make your ears bleed. Ugly, bad steering, brakes and paint. Loved that truck.

1978 Buick Limited. swapped the fordalac for it. Dumbest thing I ever did in cars. big ugly dumb car. rolled it into the junkyard and rolled out in a 1980 ford fairmont wagon.
1972 chevelle. drove it. swapped it for 1974 Chevy wagon. 9 passenger, full power, 10 miles to the gallon.
Bought the spouse a 1988 corisica. loved that car. you could drive it anywhere.

swapped the 1974 chevy wagon for a 1978 Chevy wagon.(the most interesting things about station wagons is that all the heavy duty parts are installed on them, and you can carry almost as much as a pickup, and nobody thinks about you at the end of the month when it is time to move)

Bought a 1994 Corsica to replace the 88. Big fucking mistake there.

Swapped the Chevy for a 1980 Ford ranger pickup, Great truck, no power, shitty radio, and drove and hauled a small city in it.
Blew the engine out of it, and swapped it and 1400 hundred bucks for a 1992 Dodge Caravan Long Body. I still have it. Three transmissions 190k, and a bunch of engine work, brakes, and misc. I am still driving it. If I wasn’t going to be creamated and my ashes tossed in the nearest dumpster, I would like a Viking Funeral behind the seat of it.

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