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Facebook Beacon = advertising by stalking

Facebook’s Beacon Advertising scheme is even more creepy than I envisioned.

Advertising By Stalking! In the new world of Social Gillnetting, you are not only exposed to a bunch of folks whose primary goal in life is to get 5000 friends faster than Scoble, but your online shopping is now a matter of public record.

Hey Look! Bill just bought a Father Sebastian 14” butt plug!!

The fact that Facebook is stalking your every move, slicing and dicing every click and letter you post, and selling you to every advertiser and marketeer with a checkbook, is your just desserts for not reading the fucking manual. The cost of participation on the web is so close to zero, that joining these sharecropper networks is a sign that you are just plain boring. Hell they give away blogs. You can be your own beacon.

Electronic Serial Rape
No does not mean No in the brave new world of electronic advertising.
You really want it, you were just fooling when you tried to say no. You were asking for it, or you wouldn’t be strutting around here. Sound familiar? Since you did it for one, you are going to do it for everybody else.

Privacy and Social Networking is an oxymoron. What part of the web being accessible to everybody with a connection did you miss?

Does your ass hurt yet? It will.

Vista and Reality

Microsoft is buzzing about the money it has made in the last quarter. A 32% increase in revenues is an astounding number for any industry, let alone one as fractious as Software.

Vista, the newest OS that comes in a number of flavors, is being reported as being on 95% of retail shelves. So Microsoft is honking about 85-88 million units shipped. Think about that for a moment.
This does not represent sales or money in the bank . What it does mean is that they have a large inventory of product, ready to go, sort of like cars. They get built, but sit in lots until dealers order them.
I went to Costco, the other day to look at laptops. All with Vista. I asked the folks about getting one with XP or even without an OS, but no soap.
This is a numbers game. Like AOL, and now Facebook, who count everybody who ever signs up.

Microsoft is trumpeting about the traction Vista will have. When the only way you can get a Ford is in Black, the sales numbers always look good.

Social Objects and the marketeers who want to ride them to glory

Ladies and Gentleman! Step right up and get your Social Objects!
Don’t be the last kid without one!
Just look for the target on your forehead!!

Social Objects? More bullshit from the same cheerleaders that sucked you into Web 2.0, Social Networks and Advertising Sharecropping for Fun and Profit. Tim Oreilly who gets all the credit for Web 2.0 wants to tell you why Social Objects are good for you Now with a new definition of OPEN with the Google API, you can become a marketing target on almost every bodies network.

Social Networks are really very weird constructs. The Idea is to become a member of a community with shared interests, and to become a social person. This is an old idea, dressed in drag with AJAX and widgets, for you to think that this is the next big thing. Like all internet activity, you end up using a keyboard, by yourself to create your online persona. You still have to use the keyboard, ’cause you can’t fart emoticons.

Every one of these ‘social networks’ has been created to sharecrop your labor, to enrich the plantation owners, by selling your ass to any marketeer with a checkbook. I wrote more here. Read the Terms and Conditions on any of these sites. You agree to be a marketing target, you give the plantation owners Virtually Unlimited Copyrights to anything you post.
The owners of the social network plantations are telling you that advertisers are standing by to foot the bill for you to post your information, while they are selling every click and link.
The marketeers are telling you that this will help them to target you with only messages and advertisements of interest. What is really happening, is they are struggling to get their message out and keep their fucking jobs. Oh yeah, if they can save money, they can do more of it. At the end of the day you are just another one of the monkeys waiting your turn to get punched out.

Probably the most annoying thing about this is the VRM crowd is getting sucked into it.
Ladies and Gentleman! Step right up and get your Social Objects!
Don’t be the last kid without one!
Just look for the target on your forehead!!