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Happy Birthday World Wide Web

Today marks the 15th anniversary of the Web. It has come a long way.

Peer to Patent, Community Patent Review

Here is an interesting link for the Intellectual Property and the Patents are Evil folks.
Peer to Patent, Community Patent Review
The US Patent and Trademark Office is partnering with the New York Law School to review Patent applications.
Peer to Patent, Community Patent Review
This may help eliminate some of the more annoying and restrictive patents.

Cry me a river

In one of the more bizzare bits of reportage the NYT is reporting United Health has lower profits and is losing customers because its health care products are too expensive.
Insurer Says Economy Has Dented Its Prospects – New York Times

Since it former CEO was fired over options trading, everybody from the customers to the providers are complaining that its coverage and payments suck, and UnitedHealth’s business unit that makes pronouncements of what services are worth, is under investigation by the state of New York, they somehow think that they deserve to profit.
Cry me a river.

Compact Flourecent Lights and Mercury Research in the Amazon

Compact Fluorescent Lights contain a small amount of Mercury. They may save energy, but they do require a little common sense in using.

Here is an interesting tidbit about research into Mercury toxicity done in the Amazon.
Mercury Research Bears Fruit in the Amazon: International Development Research Centre

The Patry Copyright Blog

I have a interest in Copyright for a number of reasons. Folks who work with their brains and their hearts rather than their backs have an opportunity to earn a living. My fond dream of working in my bathrobe at the computer and watching the money roll in, still eludes me.
However Copyright has been mangled and perverted beyond reason. I am not a lawyer, so a lot of issues surrounding Copyright seem to be some much noise, more so due to my ignorance of legal terminology rather than the folks who are lawyers who do post about Copyright.
Let me introduce you to William Patry

William Patry
Senior Copyright Counsel, Google Inc. Formerly copyright counsel to the U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on the Judiciary, formerly Policy Planning Advisor to the Register of Copyrights, formerly Law Professor, Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law; author of numerous treatises and articles (including one on fair use with Judge Richard Posner), including the new 7 volume treatise on "Patry on Copyright".

Here is a gentleman who knows Copyright and as Senior Copyright Counsel at Google is up to his neck in current Copyright issues and writes very well.

The Patry Copyright Blog

Patients in U.S. foot more of the bill for vital drugs

Patients in U.S. foot more of the bill for vital drugs – Source – International Herald Tribune

wordPress 2.5

Saving posts strips out the formatting. Whose fucked up idea was that? Learn that shit from TypePad?

Television is not dead…sort of..

Multi Media does not mean that the only media is available by internet connection. I have a 42” 1080p TV and a digital cable connection. I have something like 200 channels. I have always watched TV, as it is not entirely a dead media.

Digital TV means that commercials are crisper in sight, but just as annoying in content as they have always been. Out of my 200 channels, there are a dozen home shopping channels, 40 sports channels, 25 Spanish channels, and 70 music channels in a wide variety of types including uncensored, none of which I watch or listen to. Like I really need to listen to some assholes demonstrate how many times they can say ‘bitches’ or rhyme ‘fuck’.

There are a few gems in the digital cable wasteland. Sundance, which has Terminal City , which is a show about a woman with breast cancer who has a TV show that shows all, as she goes the discovery, surgery and aftermath. It is a 10 episode show that I am sure will show up on DVD soon. The plot seems simple, the writing and acting is crisp, and the acid wit poking fun at television production is worth the time.
An interesting film that I saw was Garbage Warrior, which is the story of Mike Reynolds, an architect who built housing out of beer cans, bottles, and used tires. Building thermal mass and energy grid independent housing outside of Taos, New Mexico. Starting 30 Years Ago.

On Network Television is FOX’s Canterbury’s Law , starring Julianna Margulies, which is a great show and will probably be cancelled because of the complex characters, sharp writing and adult themes. Yeah I know nobody ever promised me that Americans can handle adult themes, especially with American Idol and other reality shows whose reality resides only in the minds of the producers.

Last but not least is Battlestar Galactica , which enters it’s final season. I am waiting for new episodes of Bones, House, and NCIS. Yes. I like episodic television. Out of 4800 hours of TV, of which I have no interest in 3528, leaving me 1272 hours to choose from, finding a few hours makes the cable bill worth it. almost.

Notes and Quotes

In my universe a couple of notes:

Ken Camp is getting married. Congratulations!!

Shelley Powers has a New Book coming out .

The Quote of the Week

"It was just tools talking to each other, and I was nothing more than a discrete bit of data and a way for people to fluff up their contact list with a minimum of effort."
Shelley Powers on Context

Word Press 2.5

upgraded and am less than thrilled with the new dashboard.

still having problems with the missing categories, but nobody seems to give much of a shit if you are hosted on windows.

the forums at wordpress is time spent that i will never get back.