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Photo Update and DVD Cases

Having Upgraded to WP2.5.1 I have regained control of the Media Library(stupid fuckin name), which gives me the ability to post photos. A deal breaker in my world.
I may have mentioned that in my world the top things (in order) that bring me pleasure are sex, movies and remodeling.
Since remodeling has become my day job, I am not getting any, and my movie jones is moving along, I decided that I needed to build some cases for my collection, which is getting relatively large. Last DVD count was somewhere in the neighborhood of 500 discs. Yes I buy my movies.

Tuesday is New Release Day across the US, and recently I have switched to Best Buy as the low price leader. Cheaper than Target or Wal-Mart. And it hurts me to give Best Buy any sort of attaboy. However back to the cases…

What is available commercially, made out of particle board and shelf paper is not worth the time to buy and use. Just like the so called ‘computer desks’ designed by idiots whose closest encounter with computers consists of those cardboard boxes that are printed to look like computers.

Being handy with tools and having built version 2 of the New Temporary Workshop, I designed and built the Serious DVD Case.

DVD Case

This case is a bit shy of 24” wide, 82 1/2” high and 6” deep. Using 1 sheet of 18mm-3/4” 7 or 9 ply plywood and one sheet of 5/16” sanded ply, yields enough parts for two cases, with very little waste.

This unit has 9 shelves, which holds 324 clamshell DVD Cases.

The openings between the shelves are a 1/4” taller than the case, and shelves a 1/2” narrower than the case, for fingertip action and dust control.
DVD Case Details

I am in the process of building a home theatre as well.

WordPress 2.5 is really and truly f*cked.

One of the most important things that a blogging tool can do is to give you the option of uploading images and including them in posts. Prior to WP 2.5, the ability to upload and include images in posts was one click.

Right below the post window were your images.

WP2.5 did away with that. Zeldman’s idea of usability with the new dashboard, is so far down the technorati tagging rathole as to be an unusable mess  except for those folks who  think that writing is the only communication medium.

I suspect that somebody got scared by photos as a child.

Cognitive Surplus or There Is No Mouse

So you want to know why Broadcast Media is vaporizing?