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Blu-Ray gets another stake in the heart

So ya wanna author a disc in BluRay?
Think Again. The Content Mafia has a deal you can’t refuse.
AACS is required on all Blu-ray discs and costs $1,585 per title plus $0.05/disc
Jason Scott has more here.
Fuck Sony!! AACS and Blu-Ray discs will end up in the used a bit stores next to laser discs soon.

Tax and Spend vs Blindfold and Bailout

Tax and Spend is the label that the Republicans have used to splash Democrats in elections for years. It is true as Dems like to spend money on things that have broader impact beyond individual congressional districts. They also understand that these things cost money that has to come out of our pockets. Not a totally unreasonable theory as just everybody with a pulse understands money for stuff.
However, they do remember where the money has to come from.

Republicans like to run on platforms of smaller government and no regulation of ‘free markets’. We can see how well that is working. The Republicans need a label too. Blindfold and Bailout is my choice.
They blindfold us and themselves into thinking that the market will redistribute, trickle down, or that the Social Welfare Fairy will cause them to see beyond personal wealth and comfort. When that doesn’t happen, they create a crisis requiring a Bailout. Iraq, Terrorists, War on Drugs, Credit Default Swaps.
Then they disguise motion as activity with a Bailout!

What is most disheartening is just how many folks still think that 4 more years of Republicans is okay.