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The Desperation of Blu-ray DVD

Blu-ray DVD’s are one of those technological brain farts that the movie industry thinks is going to save them.  Good movies will save them. Blu-ray will follow the Laserdisc and HD DVD into the dustbin of history. With upsampling DVD Players your standard DVD’s are quite sharp.

The latest desperate move to try to get some traction for the format is Warner offers Blu-ray alternative to desperate HD-DVD owners
The offer is limited to 128 titles, costs 4.95 per title, and does not include shipping and handling. This is for the early adopters who got sucked into the HD DVD format war, that was lost, and Warner bet heavy on.

I am tired of buying movies again and again every time the electronics and entertainment industry has a great idea, having made the switch from VCR to DVD, I just want to watch the dam things and not have to upgrade every few years.

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