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Reality and Social Media

New research released today by Edison Research and Arbitron tracking three years of data and surveys related to Twitter use further solidifies the notion that the social media world is far different from reality.
Hattip: Jason Falls

Three Years?

I suppose if Twitter is somebody’s idea of the web… But then, Some folks think Social Media is a real job.

Twitter Monetizes

Twitter, the aptly named service celebrating brevity over content has monetized. The VC’s are swooning with crinkled nipples while visions of exit strategies dance in their heads as Twitter moves from phenomena to another web application needing a billing department.

No innovation here, as they will be serving text advertisements between 140 characters of pithy repartee or excremental convulsions of what passes for wit among the attention challenged.

Expect a real drop off in usage as the only light in this sinkhole was the lack of advertising.
Stupid fucks! They should have taken a page from the Steve Jobs manual and charged 99 cents a month.

Being Friendly

You can be my Friend!
I will be joining Facebook, Twitter, My Space, and AOL!!
Good News for All you folks!