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TV’s Early Losers

I watch probably more TV than most folks, but somebody has to do it. Mostly I watch drama with the odd comedy. Any body who thinks that Reality TV is not an oxymoron doesn’t understand that for everyone in front of the camera, there are 30 folks behind it.
Most of my watching is on cable as they seem to be much more nimble and willing to push the envelope.

The major broadcast networks are still playing winners and losers shows like Amazing Race, Survivors, Dancing with Stars, etc. Their recent forays into drama and episodic fare is not going very well.

First up: Lone Star from Fox was one of the earliest to crash and burn. The plot line was a conman with two wives. I Mean really….talk about a toxic asset. A show about cons and having two families?

Nobody at Fox read any news about Rod Stringer, R. Allen Stanford, or Bernard Madoff?

If you want to see a show about good cons try Leverage

NBC’s righteousness drama Outlaw. The premise is a Supreme Court Justice who quits to fight for the little guy. Jimmy Smits as Cyrus Garza the judge complete with large gambling habit, obligatory black partner, blond junior lawyer hopelessly infatuated with Cryus, stuffed shirt jr. partner, and the best part of the show the hot PI. The amount of character baggage was enough to sink it.
Jimmy Smits was much better in LA Law.

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