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Arizona~Up in Smoke!

Welcome to Mari-zona!

Reefer madness come to the Grand Canyon State. Soon all of those shuttered Pay Day Loan stores will be Medical Marijuana Dispensary’s.

Facebook is Not the Internet

Facebook’s latest assault on the online world is the introduction of wait for it…
Facebook Social Inbox: Always-On Messaging With People You Care About
Back before Mark Zuckerberg had pubic hair, AOL had the dubious distinction of being the web. You know how well that worked out.

Just think, an @facebook.com email address.
we are sorry that username has been taken, perhaps you would like fred987123?

If you think that Facebook is the Internet just bend over, turn around and press your cheeks to the screen. Advertisers are standing by!!

Quote o’ the day

Facebook is a charnel house of features that appeal to advertisers and businesses without actually being used, supported by tools that don’t work, for people who don’t care.
Jeffery Zeldman

Sherlock – The Great Game

Sherlock – The Great Game is the third episode in the first season of Sherlock, a 21st century interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, from the Masterpiece Theater folks. A recap of this episode is available on YouTube. There are a number of other clips as well.
The clip I have linked to contains a recap of The Great Game including the season cliffhanger.

The first season will Be available for purchase Nov. 9 and Amazon has the best price currently
An Added bonus is the pilot episode which was not aired.

While you are waiting for your DVD, you can watch the first season here but only until Dec. 7th.

The good news is there will be a Second Season.