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Goodbye to the NFL

Hooray! Now that the owners and players can’t figure out how to cut the cheese on their way beyond sane profits, in whose stadiums were built by taxpayers in boondoggles not seen since the Oil Depletion Allowance,  it looks like the  NFL will dissolve.

Oh happy days! The revulsion I have for all pro sports cannot be measured but may be reduced by the extinction of pro football.  Just think, Universities can get back to education, High Schools can stop carrying such large liability policies, and that money can go toward teacher salaries, and better infrastructure.  The argument that ‘team’ sports build strong character is so much bullshit.

Imagine how much home improvement can be done when a 60 minute event consumes over 4 hours on TV is no longer part of one’s day. Or three with Saturday, Sunday and Monday Night events. I could go on , but you probably get the idea.

Don’t worry about those empty stadiums. We can seal the doors, fill them up with water and stock them with fish.