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Microsoft’s Brain Farts and the Ugly Smell of Desperation

Make no mistake, Microsoft has kept me off the unemployment rolls for years, building and servicing computers running Windows, Actually it goes back to DOS, but most folks probably don’t remember that far back in time. (Programming escape sequences for printers made you a god)

Microsoft is a software company. They own most of the market. But they are doing just about everything possible to shoot themselves in the head.

Some recent news

Windows 8, the latest OS software out of Redmond has any number detractors for a multitude of reasons, my favorite being the removal of the start button…(you know, the button you have to click to turn your computer off). Just think years of folks trained in backwards thinking suddenly confronted with a linear process. Having to think different? Wait isn’t that an old Apple slogan?
Moving on….

Windows 8 upgrades to be cheaper than ever says the headline of an article over at Ars Technica.
[You will see this again]

Microsoft’s Brain Farts

After introducing the Touch tablet, pissing off all of their hardware ‘partners’ after spending years saying that they would never get into the hardware market. But then they said that they would not compete in the accounting software market either but as soon as Great Plains was ported to windows, they gobbled it up and rolled into their product line. (I was working for a company that used great plains and moved to quicken when Microsoft moved in.They are much happier and spent a boatload less money.)

The early announcement that Internet Explorer 10 would have privacy features on by default pissing off every ad server and data mining company on the planet. Also note that IE9 is only available if you are running Windows 7. You know the OS that removed Outlook Express the default email client in an attempt to up-sell you on Outlook or hand your ass to Hotmail. The same operating system that requires an internet connection to form simple networks, that updates itself automatically while you are trying to shut it down.

Writing off 6.2 Billion bucks for an advertising product that just didn’t work.

Windows Phone? WTF?

This is Facebook thinking for sure. Toss shit at your customers and see how much you can get to stick.

the Ugly Smell of Desperation

Windows 8 upgrades to be cheaper than ever
According to the Ars Technica article :

“Microsoft has announced that, for a limited time only, Windows 8 Pro upgrades will cost just $39.99 via download, or $69.99 for a boxed DVD from retail outlets. Download customers will be able to buy a backup DVD for $15 plus shipping and handling.

Between its launch—whenever that will be—and January 1st, 2013, users of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 will be able to buy the cheap upgrades to Windows 8 Pro. Windows 8 Pro is the higher of the two mainstream Windows 8 SKUs, and it includes features such as BitLocker, Hyper-V, and the ability to join Windows domains.”
Source Peter Bright Ars Technica

But Wait! There’s More! This upgrade does not include the Media Center, the big brother of the windows media player, the application used for video and audio files. Wait for it… UP SELL!!! But hey, its not like that there aren’t open source alternatives that are smaller, better and faster.

Before you get a woodie thinking that you can leapfrog over Vista and Win 7 into the next generation, remember that your XP hardware will probably not run Win 7. Don’t believe me test it your ownself, which means that you now will have an expensive drink coaster or set.

Your free AOL CD’s have got to be getting pretty shabby looking by now.

OH Wait! Microsoft could buy AOL, send out Windows 8 for free, sell your ass a dial up account for product validation, and use the Huffington Post as the PR Agency of Record. That way if you have decorated around the AOL Logo you won’t have to redecorate so soon.

Quote of the Day

Today, a single Apple product—the iPhone—generates more revenue than all of Microsoft’s wares combined.

Source: Vanity Fair Online.