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A Mickey Mouse PR Stunt

The interwebs are reporting that the Walt Disney Company is pulling production of its toys and clothing out of factories in Bangladesh and Pakistan. Hard to move stuff if the factory burns down. Doesn’t help if the workers are killed either.
Over at Deadline.com a site concerned with the movie biz was this gem:

The company said its decision was based on a World Bank report that assesses how countries are governed. Metrics used in the report included accountability, corruption and violence;
Source: Deadline.com

So until the World Bank tells you that some places are incredibly fucked up and no amount of capitalism will overcome greed or worker safety, its okay.

According to a CNN report is this nugget:

“After much thought and discussion we felt this was the most responsible way to manage the challenges associated with our supply chain,” said Bob Chapek, president of Disney Consumer Products.
Source: CNN

Whew! I am so glad that they have their supply chain in hand. Atta boy BOB!! Really! Getting yer funky ass out in front of this supply chain noose. Names like Nike or Adidas ring a bell? Seems like they got dinged for using foreign factories for their supply chains. Years Ago….

So remember folks, the next time you want to pick up some merchandise, be sure to look for the label that says:


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