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YAGTTYEOTR Yet Another Gadget To Take Your Eyes Off The Road Sweepstakes

Lets Recap.
‘Smart’ Phones do NOT Make YOU Smarter. Quite the Contrary if the volume of apps(which used to be called programs, and ran on a PC)that are offered to ‘enhance’ your mobile phone experience, which if you are old enough to have pubic hair, the original point of a mobile phone was to be able to make phone calls when you were not at home or work. Moving on…

YAGTTYEOTR Which stands for:
Yet Another Gadget To Take Your Eyes Off The Road.
Pronounced; yag tee oh ter

The latest app to catch my eye is Type n Walk. Yes indeed! This gem will help you type while you are walking. I stole this image from their site.



holy crap! 20 years ago folks saw you mumbling with your hand near your ear, the guys in the white coats would be bringing you a canvas coat with extra long sleeves and buckles in the back.

The good News is that it is only available for the IPhone. The bad news is that they are serious.
Distracted Walking a new Category for insurance companies.
“Really I was just walking when the street sign jumped out at me”

But they do understand that this may require some explanation. The First FAQ Question on their sites is:

Q: Why don’t I see anything in the ‘viewport’ but a black screen?

A: Make sure your fingers (or protective case) aren’t blocking the front camera.

Lets Recap.
‘Smart’ Phones do NOT Make YOU Smarter.

Bonus Link Mobile Phone Accidents

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