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SMART is Not

“Smart” is the new black. Smart Phones, Smart TV, Smart Cars. Smart is Hot! Smart is not.

Surveillance Monitoring and Reporting Tools is what SMART really is.

Your Smart Phone is a Three Way calling Device. You, who you are calling, and the Government. When you consider that your smart phone is CC’ing every thing you do to spy agencies both domestic and foreign from who you call, who calls you, time, date, duration, location, and content, in voice, text, and internet access. From the OS that runs your Phone to the Latest App, you are being spied on. From Rooms in switching offices, to taps in routers, and cables both on the ground and buried in the ocean, you are being watched.

The Telcos are the only business that violates customer privacy and personal information to anybody with a request. No other business shares information about their customers if they hope to sell them again.

Your Smart Car is tracking you as well. ON Star and similar systems track you in real time, not only by location, but also reporting speed, direction, engine and braking data, which insurance companies love in denying claims. More of these systems are coming online everyday. They are being marketed as “Safety Features”.

Your Smart TV. A recent report shows that LG’s Smart TV is not only reporting what you watch, but also reports the contents of any connected devices on your TV.

LG Smart TVs logging USB filenames and viewing info to LG servers
LG investigates Smart TV ‘unauthorised spying’ claim

It is only a matter of time before other Smart Products are outed as fellow travelers in the New World Order of SMART.

Not only is LG unapologetic about this, but actually Promotes it! This nugget is from Doc Searls over at the Project VRM Blog:

If you want to really hate LG — a company you barely cared about until now, watch this. It’s a promotional video for “LG Smart AD,” which “provides the smartest way to reach your targeted audiences across the borders and connected devices with excitement powered by LG’s world best 3D and HD home entertainment technology” and “enables publishers to maximize revenues through worldwide ad networks, intelligent platform to boost CPM and the remarkable ecosystem.”

Your Internet connection is compromised. From Your ISP, who in most cases is a Phone Company, who for some reason wants you to use their outgoing mail servers for your email. You can route around this. Your Browser, whose default settings phone home in the case of Google, Firefox, IE and others, and allow sites to track your activity, interrogate your computer, set cookies, take part of your hard drive for what is known as local storage, but in reality are data mining tools for third party actors, whose motives are at best are suspect(targeted/relevant advertising my aching asshole), and at worst another database for plundering by governmental agencies, under the rubric of National Security.

The latest Smart Tech being flogged is Cloud Computing. Really, Move all of your data to the Cloud! We will manage and back it Up. You can access it from anywhere with an Internet connection! HELLO? what part of this makes any sense? Trusting your information, individual, business, commercial or proprietary to companies who do not encrypt if or offer encrypted connections. Or even worse using your phone company to manage your cloud.

Edward Snowden’s disclosures have galvanized world governments, organizations, and individuals into speaking up. Curiously, the American public, whose tax dollars are funding these 4th Amendment violations are for the most part silent.

Let’s Recap SMART Tech Does Not Make You Smarter! It does make you a bigger target.

Bonus Link: Surveillance is not about protecting us. It’s about control.

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