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Road Sign


Its a smokey heat.

The monsoon season begins.

About 5 miles from my back door.

Texting get the Ax in Phoenix

It is now illegal to drive and text in Phoenix. About damn time. Texting is so annoying on so many levels. This is folded under the rubric of driver distraction. Like drunk driving, using your car as a kitchen or makeup table. Like cell phone use, which is going to big business for physical therapists in a few years, helping folks recover from tilt head, hand and and elbow hyperextension, and squintface from trying to read those little buttons. The telecom industry is freaking out as texting is a major cash cow.

Driving in Phoenix is just a little less dangerous than juggling running chainsaws. On the best of days and the best of times, driving in Phoenix is an adventure in survival. Between the road construction season which runs 12 months, folks who actually live here and pay attention,(who are a minority) our winter visitors known as ‘whiteheads’, whose driving privileges should have been taken away years ago, the illegal aliens whose response to traffic problems is to run like hell after a crash, and of course the youngin’s who know that they can multitask their way out of responsibility. Lets not forget the radio whose traffic reports are longer than the news, sports and weather combined.

That you should be allowed to have a cell phone in your car is your choice, as long as it is firmly locked in the glove department, so that you can call for help when you get hit.