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Sherlock – The Great Game

Sherlock – The Great Game is the third episode in the first season of Sherlock, a 21st century interpretation of Sherlock Holmes, from the Masterpiece Theater folks. A recap of this episode is available on YouTube. There are a number of other clips as well.
The clip I have linked to contains a recap of The Great Game including the season cliffhanger.

The first season will Be available for purchase Nov. 9 and Amazon has the best price currently
An Added bonus is the pilot episode which was not aired.

While you are waiting for your DVD, you can watch the first season here but only until Dec. 7th.

The good news is there will be a Second Season.

Masterpiece Mystery – Sherlock

One of the more iconic detectives is Sherlock Holmes. A new interpretation from the folks at Masterpiece Theater is called simply Sherlock. Imaged into the 21 century the modern Sherlock describes himself as a ‘high functioning sociopath’, with the capable Dr. Watson at his side. It is simply very good.

There are three episodes in the first series. The first episode, A Study in Pink can be seen online here.
Tonight’s broadcast episode is The Blind Banker. Check local public TV listings. It will be available online tomorrow until Dec. 7th.

In a refreshing change the DVD will be available for purchase 11/09/10, right after the first series is shown on TV. No waiting until the next season starts nonsense like most other shows.
You can pre-order and purchase here Sherlock: Season One Highly Recommended!!

Dollhouse Season 1

51HOc5NUI7L._SL500_AA240_Dollhouse is the latest production from Joss Whedon.  Joss Whedon is the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Series, Angel and FireFly.  Season 1 is out on DVD and is worth it.

The first 4 episodes are hard going as they seemed to have crap tossed into them that is disjointed and disconnected. It gets a whole lot better. Once they get Jane Espenson on board the show begins to move. Jane is probably one of the best producer/writers for women in episodic TV. The best episodes of Buffy, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13, all have her touch. From episode 5 on it gets crisp, and they finally kill off Reed Diamonds “Lou Dominic” character in episode 9. As far as I am concerned he should not have been in the cast at all, and if for whatever reason, he should have been whacked in the first episode. His best work was getting it in the face by Vic Mackey in the Sheild. He dies well, but his acting is bad.

Moving on, the DVD set has the original pilot that FOX scrapped,(which so ably demonstrates that you should let the folks who are doing the show the fuck alone) and the unaired 13th Episode. It has been picked up for a second season and if Fox stays out of the way, we will get some seriously good TV. Highly recommended. Dollhouse

Bye Bye Blu Ray

On a link at TG Daily is a story World gives Blu-ray the thumbs down about a poll by Harris Interactive showing that Blu Ray is not getting it done. The story points out that only 7 percent of folks polled owned a Blu Ray Player (They had to count Sony Play Stations to get the number that high) It also mentions that the disks are expensive.(Part of that is the dollar per disk that is paid to Sony to produce a Blu Ray disk) Sony got screwed on Betamax during the VCR format wars and think that they will get us now. Plus the AACS is required on all Blu-ray discs and costs $1,585 per title plus $0.05/disc. Fuck em!

You can buy an up sampling DVD player for around 50-70 bucks and watch standard DVD’s at 1080p (the native Blu Ray resolution) on your Flatscreen TV if supported. You can buy a flatscreen that will do this for the money you will save buying DVD’s instead of Blu Ray.
I mentioned that Blu Ray would be the new laserdisk, and I am happy to be right. HD DVD has already crashed and burned.

I own a lot of DVD’s. Over 700 at last count. I even build my own cases to store them as commercial products are shit. I am an action, adventure and sci-fi movie and television drama junkie. The greatest thing to happen to television was putting shows on DVD. Really, watching a season of your favorite shows without commercial interruption is astonishing. Being able to follow the characters and the story arcs as they develop over the season is really a treat. Being able to watch shows that are no longer on air, at your pace on your schedule is almost as good as insane gut wrenching sex.

I have been through format wars in computers. 5 1/4 floppys, single side, single density, double side, double density, zip disks, LS250, and so on.I don’t want to play anymore. I still have around 200 movies on VCR that I am slowly replacing with DVD’s as they become available.

Buggy Whips, Edsels, Betamax, Blu Ray, Oh My!!

notes n stuff

catching up on things. Frank has published his list of rides I thought I had some bad rides….

HD TV is better. My 42”Visio is outstanding. Hell even the commercials look good, Still stupid in almost all cases,as Jeneane points out, (my personal monster dumb is the new Jeep commercial with the guy driving and singing, and getting invaded by woodland critters to provide a chorus).

My son got married last saturday.
It was a great ceremony, and I got to see a lot of folks I don’t see regularly. My friend Ed and his wife Denise took pictures for the kids. He has a Fuji S3.

I have been up to remodeling for others, and lining up folks for work on the casa lemurzone. This time next week I will have a new block fence, 2 rolling gates and 70′ of new driveway. Shortly thereafter I will replace my electric panel, and finish off my new media room. It was going to be an office, but I have a 42” tv, and 500 DVD’s which look pretty good on the big screen.
Hope to post some notes on the movies I have gotten over the last few weeks. Speaking of which, in addition to the annoying FBI copyright nonsense, studios are now including a 5 second blurb stating “This DVD is for Sale Only” The entertainment industry oughta look up the meaning of the word entertainment.

Weeds 1 and House 3

I love movies and some series television. Tuesday is the day that the new releases to DVD come out. I get my movies in Wide Screen Format for that day where I actually get one of those 40-42” LCD TV’s. (Here is a tip when snuffling the bargain bin: check the format Full Screen vs Wide Screen)
I didn’t get out until friday, as I was looking for House 3.
weeds1.jpg What I found was Weeds – Season One Weeds is a very funny series. The premise is an upscale suburban widow who gets into reefer dealing to make the payments, and support her family since her husband died. If you never inhaled, this show will make no sense to you. For the rest of you, this is a very funny show that you can appreciate straight. Mary Louise Parker is outstanding as a PTA karate mom, and her supporting cast and customers, her CPA, Lawyer, and her connection, make for some plots and writing that is really outstanding. Around 283 minutes of fun.
Yes, I am coming late to the party, since I have basic cable, Weeds is a Showtime production, but because of DVD, I can get with the program…. The only downside is this is presented in full screen format. What ever were they thinking?
You can get it here: Weeds – Season One

I picked up House 3 which is why I went out in the first place. House is one of the very few shows currently in production from the big 4 broadcast networks that is actually worth the time.