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WordPress is a great tool for creating blogs, especially for housebloggers who have a desire for show and tell like me.  There is a vibrant community that supports WordPress and there are also assholes. Free is not necessarily without cost.

A great but technical article on the hidden dangers of using “free” WordPress themes.


Die Spammer Die! WordPress Enhancement Request

WordPress uses Askimet as a spam fighting tool. Works pretty good. In your Discussion Settings you can list IP addresses as spam.

This is the WordPress version of Lipstick on a Pig. The spam still shows up and must be deleted manually.
I currently have 2 IP addresses that account for 99% of all the spam that shows up here.

Here is what I would like to have happen. When spam arrives with the blacklisted IP addresses, I would like it to be forwarded to the CAN SPAM folks and bounce it right back to where it came from so that I do not see it, nor do I have to deal with it.

Ideally, after say 100 bounces and forwards, removing the DNS for the IP’s in question, might wake up the network administrators and get them to close off these holes.
Yes I know that the IP header can be spoofed, but you start shutting these assholes down, then we can all go back to bitching about everything else.

WordPress 2.6 has issues

Updated another blog from 2.5 to 2.6 and the ‘Pages’ do not work.
They show up in the control panel, can be seen in the control panel, but can’t be found on the site.

Probably should have waited the rest of the month for a little more testing.
Word Count? who the fuck cares about word count. Keyboard fetishists or punctuation nazi’s most likely.

A much more useful feature would be a post comment word counter. We could call it the HMTCYBADH How Many Times Can You Beat A Dead Horse contest.
we could separate the twitters to the askimet file, and dump folks who have forgotten what vowels are.

Oh yeah, turn off that fucking WordPress is available Update Now Nag screen. Everytime I update I spend more time getting things working again.

WordPress Weirdness

Having currently committed to hosting and running WordPress for my raving lunacy,(yes I have very real control issues over my writing, authorship, and the security of it), I have been embarking on determining the limits of what I can get it to do. The community surrounding WordPress is probably one of the most proactive groups devoted to any bit of software that I have seen in my 12 years of being online.

If you are looking for a poster child or a cogent explanation of the Open Source vs Closed Source debate, WordPress is it. Something you want it to do? If it isn’t the plugins list, you can make a request on the forum, and somebody will probably whip it up, and post it by the time you wake up tomorrow.

An example of this is this very blog. This blog is loosely based on a theme from the folks at Refueled Dot Net. One of the things that I do, is give you the full monty. None of this [more]… crap, where you have to click like a ferret on meth to read or see what I have posted.

Having said that, I discovered using this theme, when I clicked on the category pages, especially photos, all I saw was the headline, without the photo. I posted a note at Refueled Dot Net. and I was shown the bit of code that needed changing. How freaking cool is that? Try that at Typepad and you will see what I mean. I still have a remodeling blog at typepad, because of the photo galleries, but as soon as I can figure out how to do it here, Typepad can suck my rotting pixels.

But enough written blowjobs and icepick bitching, (how weird, bitching is in the wordpress dictionary and wordpress needs to be added) back to the subject at hand.

WordPress Weirdness

My current aggravation is that I have to log on, log off, and log on again to enable autosave, and adding categories.

I am still trying to resolve the upload error issue here.

Photo Upload Weirdness

Well we have photos, which is a personal deal breaker for any blogging tool.flobw.jpg

It required a bit of server bitch slapping file permission modifications.

However, when uploading, this error message comes up:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 8388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 512 bytes) in D:\Inetpub\ravinglunacy\wp-admin\admin-functions.php on line 2294

When I refresh the page, the upload screen comes up, my photos are there, and I can play from there. Any ideas on fixing this?