About Raving Lunacy

Well, the name should have given it away. We like to rant, and we are proud of it. Our rants may have some facts behind them, or may simply be for fun. We hate the conventional and mainstream thinking, and we give you a piece of our mind about it.

In this blog, we focus on America’s most beloved product. No, not Diet Coke or pizzas.. we are of course talking about Cannabis, or for the simpletons, Weed. When certain state such as California legalized casual consumption of marijuana, our nation rejoiced. Along with the rejoicing popped up a whole bunch of companies and services catered to marijuana.

See, that is the thing. The moment society begins to realize that a product or business is strictly acceptable within the community, it turns into a cash-generating frenzy. Part of our focus is also on these co-called customizable cannabidiol, or CBD as most of you may know it.

Apparently, CBD is the “moral part” of weed, you know, the less fun part that doesn’t mess with your mind. It is non-psychoactive in nature and even therapeutic in some instances. With the legalization, CBD sales have risen over the roof, with some even manufacturing “customizable” CBD. Yeah, right! Listen to more ranting in our following posts.

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