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You need to put a stop to this uncontrolled supplement intake

Normally, we depend on natural food sources to obtain the core nutrients of Carbohydrates, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Fats. As inherent omnivores, human beings consume a plant and animal- based diet. A combination of these results in the ideal balanced diet. So it begs the question, when did we start depending so much on supplements?

The issue of supplements is a tricky one. It is heavily regulated area and involves serious scrutiny from the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA). Any manufacturer who wants to get into this space has to go through layers of FDA approvals before the product can be launched in the market.

Okay, supplements are good once in a while. But in America, we look to indulge, don’t we? Be it food, alcohol, weed or pills, we binge. So it is not really surprising that supplement intake per intake in the Us is the highest in the world, with more than half of the population consuming one or multiple pills on a daily basis.

And you know the worst part? There are zero regulations on supplement sale once the product has been granted an FDA approval. You can buy as many as you want without prescriptions. Let us face it, we are not health experts. Neither do we fully consider the ramifications and side-effects of even the simplest of pills like vitamin pills. Why can’t we be normal for once and simply consume the most natural of vitamin sources, vegetables?

Yes, there is a rising trend of organic food and healthy eating in the United States, but they seem to be restricted mostly to the more cosmopolitan states such as New York, California and Washington. It is not nationwide. Today, we have the issue of CBD pills, which aren’t even totally allowed and yet are sold in the market. CBD isn’t allowed by the FDA as a dietary supplement, and yet appears as an ingredient in many items such as food, oils and capsules.

We need to put a stop to this incessant supplement consumption. A combination of a diet based on vegetables, fruits and meat, along with the occasional supplement, should be the objective.

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Why we need some damn laws in place to prevent weed-related deaths

So, what were you doing the day Washington set the wheels in motion by legalizing recreational cannabis usage? I know what I was doing. I was mentally envisaging a day when stoners led our modern economy to the next phase! How appealing!

Okay, I won’t complain so much about legalization. After all, who doesn’t like the occasional “self-exploration”. The problem is that the government doesn’t seem to have considered the full ramifications of this legal act. Americans cannot be really trusted with addictive substances, as has been proven on numerous occasions.

Legalize weed, but for heaven’s sake set some boundaries in place. Do you recall that more than 13,500 people died through drink-driving accidents in 2006? And that people had to massively adopt technology to limit this issue. The breathalyzer was used increasingly, and a decade later drink driving deaths fell by 25%!

Today, we are more educated, wiser and more cautious. We managed to bring down the death toll of drink driving, but may have created another monster – stoner driving. Frankly, I don’t know which is worse, driving under the impact of alcohol or a hallucinogen. Whatever progress we have made in reducing 100% man-made accidents is at serious risk.

Put some controls in place. Colorado has seen a 48% rise in weed-influenced deaths in a matter of six years! 48%! With the legalization, the number of businesses selling weed in the common market has shot up. We have much more supply and prices are more favorable for consumers.

I like my share of fun, but just like every other American I like safety and security. I appreciate the Obama Government’s proactiveness in appeasing American consumers, but the Government should prioritize safety over consumer desires. Let’s hope they act soon.