Contribute to Raving Lunacy

Do you feel frustrated at work and bottle it all up inside? Well, of course you do. You are American. You slog all day and repeat it all over the next day. But humans do need to let it all out once in a while. Well, why don’t you join us and do that in a more civilized manner!

Believe it or not, even a seemingly pointless blog such as ours attract advertisers and money. We are the personification of creativity. Media broadcasters and comedians often look to people like us to get some inspiration for their materials. And they help to keep us alive financially too. Without much ado, what this means to you is that we can pay you for writing for us!! Well… something at least.

However, we do need a certain type of person to join us. You see, we are not conventional folks. If we were, we wouldn’t be alive in this line of work. We want people who can think so much outside the box that the box is utterly irrelevant. We want your creative juices to flow in full.

And we do value facts. Even ranting requires research, funnily enough. If you’re looking simply to make a quick dime or so, sorry folks. This one’s not for you. If you can create humorous content and make it sound factual, definitely apply with us.