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Personalization for medicine? This seems ridiculous to us.

It is safe to say that the world has changed in so many ways in the past few decades. The way we conduct business has dramatically changed. It was often the view that companies and shareholders hold the power in the market, and consumers are secondary.

You wouldn’t say the same today, would you! With each business pathetically scrambling to modify their outdated mission statements and proclaim themselves as the most customer-centric company, it is fair to say that consumers have risen up the pecking order. All the way to the top, in fact.

And that has caused a tectonic shift in priorities. Companies always used to be shareholder-centric. Shareholders were the first and the last people to appease, and nothing could go against their wishes. Today those very shareholders have been replaced by consumers. Actions of companies such as Amazon, P&G and Apple have resulted in power to the consumer.

All this bodes well for us. We haven’t begun our rant yet. What pisses us off is the pitiful meandering to the consumer today. Yes, we want you to pay attention to us but we also want you to focus on building the best product or service. We aren’t going to kill you if that added innovation means a slight increase in prices. After all, we want the best too.

So why all this? It stems from the fact that companies have apparently begun to offer customizable CBD today. You know, the thing that is the non-psychoactive component of Marijuana. At the right therapeutic doses, CBD helps to cure pain, inflammation and even more serious things such as epilepsy.

We get it, it matters. But customizable medicine, seriously!? We are talking about curing ailments and diseases here, not having the right level of tan in your face! Look, personalization is important for some kinds of products, such as cosmetics, clothes and stuff where it makes sense to personalize. Not something like medicine. Really, the concept of personalization has reached ridiculous levels.

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